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“New England Cobras is more than just cobras, as I carry the full line of Superformance rollers, Shelby Legendary rollers, as well as Caterham rollers. This is a small shop focused on sharing the love and excitement of the most iconic cars in American history.

Like many of you reading this, I’ve loved the Shelby Cobra all my life and always dreamed of having one. Now in my 50’s it was time to make the dream a reality. Upon comparing the different brands, Superformance became the clear choice for me. It’s like the decision between a Chevy and a BMW. A little more money gets a more refined car and Superformance is the top of the line as far as cobra replicas go. Additionally, Superformance makes the only cobra replicas approved and licensed by Carroll Shelby himself.

To put it simply, my goal is to help you get into the car of your dreams, at a fair price, while providing top notch service at every step of the process.

In addition to selling new roller kits, I can help you sell your existing car by connecting you with an interested buyer. Consigned vehicles typically sell within 60 days at a price that is fair to both the seller and buyer with all hassles removed for both parties.”

– Bret Haughwout
Owner, New England Cobras

“At the end of your days, money is worth nothing, because nothing you own is going with you.
If you have a dream, you have a desire, you have a goal… don’t wait, because you never know when your time is up.”

– Mike Hall
Rust Valley Restorers