MKIII • Titanium Silver & Black

The Gentleman

I feel that something about the look of silver and black gives this car a certain look of elegance, like a beautiful BMW or Mercedes, so I’ve named it, “The Gentleman”. This car was ordered with a few extras to enhance that upscale feel including: full bumpers as shown on “Bucket List” above; convertible top, tonneau cover, glove box and diamond stitched seats and door panels.


MKIII • Lightning Blue & Wimbledon White

Bucket List

This is where it all started for me. I’ve been working on my own “bucket list” for years now and decided it was time to buy a Shelby Cobra. Somehow, the path for me buying a Cobra lead me to becoming a dealer. This is the first car I purchased as a Superformance dealer. Blue with white stripes is the quintessential look for a Cobra. Isn’t it time for you to check “Owning a Shelby Cobra” off your bucket list?


Atlantis Blue & Anthracite

Interestingly, my first sale was one of the new MKIII-R cars. This car was done in Atlantis Blue with Anthracite stripes and an Anthracite blackout package with rivet delete on the hood. A carbon fiber dash, custom Speed Hut gauges and diamond stitched interior with blue thread dresses the interior. The get up and go comes from a Roush 427R mated to a Tremec 5sp. Jim is loving his sweet new ride in sunny Arizona.


Titanium Silver & Black