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MKIII • Titanium Silver & Black

The Gentleman

I feel that something about the look of silver and black gives this car a certain look of elegance, like a beautiful BMW or Mercedes, so I’ve named it, “The Gentleman”. This car was ordered with a few extras to enhance that upscale feel including: full bumpers as shown on “Bucket List” above; convertible top, tonneau cover, glove box and diamond stitched seats and door panels.


MKIII • Lightning Blue & Wimbledon White

Bucket List

This is where it all started for me. I’ve been working on my own “bucket list” for years now and decided it was time to buy a Shelby Cobra. Somehow, the path for me buying a Cobra lead me to becoming a dealer. This is the first car I purchased as a Superformance dealer. Blue with white stripes is the quintessential look for a Cobra. Isn’t it time for you to check “Owning a Shelby Cobra” off your bucket list?


Atlantis Blue & Anthracite

Interestingly, my first sale was one of the new MKIII-R cars. This car was done in Atlantis Blue with Anthracite stripes and an Anthracite blackout package with rivet delete on the hood. A carbon fiber dash, custom Speed Hut gauges and diamond stitched interior with blue thread dresses the interior. The get up and go comes from a Roush 427R mated to a Tremec 5sp. Jim is loving his sweet new ride in sunny Arizona.


MKIII • Guardsman Blue & Wimbledon White

The Classic

Guardsman Blue with Wimbledon White, it just doesn’t get any more classic than this. This car has been ordered with diamond stitched seats and door panels and a double stitched tunnel without the diamond pattern. Additionally, it has the optional glove box and push button start.


MKIII • Titanium Silver & Black

Retirement Dream

This car is already sold and differs a bit from the picture shown. Envision a ¼” red pinstripe right alongside of the Black stripes, then use red thread for the diamond stitched seats and door panels, as well as a double stitched leather tunnel without the diamond pattern. This car will be finished with a Roush 427SR before being shipped to Charles in Georgia.


MKIII • Lightning Blue, Pearl White Stripes & Silver Pin Stripes


I got a little flashy optioning this car, so I named it “Hollywood”. I ordered it the way I thought I would like it. Hopefully you like it as much as I do, but if not, I’ll happily keep this one for myself. This Lightning Blue car was ordered with 3 stage pearl white stripes, complemented by a ¼” silver pin stripe. The interior has the upgraded diamond stitched seats and door panels with a double stitched tunnel, all using silver thread picked up from the ¼” pinstripe. Glove box and push button start also included.


MKIII • Indigo Blue & Grigio Silverton Gray

The First

For those of you that like having the first of something, here’s something a little different. Superformance has been trying some new colors and one of them is Grigio Silverton Gray. I’m told the color is very similar to Viper Steel Gray, but that you see more depth within the Grigio Silverton Gray. Upon a recommendation I decided to try this new color with Indigo Blue, which is commonly striped with the Viper Steel Gray as shown in the picture. So, the color combination of this car is Indigo and Grigio – a first.

Additionally, this is the first MKIII S/C car to ever get a carbon fiber dashboard. The carbon fiber dash is a new option for Superformance. To date, exactly 7 Cobras have been made with this new dash, but those were all “R” cars, making this a first. Likewise, this is the first MKIII S/C car to ever get the special edition Speed Hut gauges that were developed for the “R” car.

This is a highly optioned car, having a glove box, leather steering wheel, adjustable passenger seat, push button start, diamond stitched interior, main stripes as well as ¼” pin stripes. One last touch is the deletion of the rivets on the hood and hood scoop.


MKIII • Cloissonne Blue & Silver

Tropical Attitude

I don’t know why, but something about this color makes me think of the beach and hear Jimmy Buffet songs in my head, so I’ve named this one, “Tropical Attitude”. This may be only the second car ever done in this color. Ordered with both main stripes and ¼” pin stripes of the same color as shown in picture, glove box and hood and hood scoop rivet delete.



The Holy Grail

What more can one say?  After a deal fell through for Ford to buy Ferrari in 1963, Henry Ford II became determined to beat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The GT40 was developed specifically for that purpose. With the GT40, Ford won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969. Something unique happened in 1969, as the car that won was the very same car that won in 1968. Never before, and probably never again, will the same car ever win that race twice. Here we have a street legal car that is several hundred pounds lighter and more powerful that the most famous race car of all time.

This GT40 has been ordered as a Gulf edition car as shown in the picture, but without the number “6” within the roundels. The Gulf edition paint scheme is a $8K option over standard. Also included is a driver’s side Gurney bubble, aluminum painted door eyebrows, Dynamat sound deadening and full leather interior. MSRP as optioned is $142,000. Estimate about another $45,000 to complete the car using a Roush 427SR and a new RBT transaxle.